What is the Last Quarter Moon?

During the Last Quarter Moon Phase or Third Quarter Moon Phase also called a half moon or waning half moon can be seen exactly 50% of the Moon’s surface illuminated.



The following is happening during the Last Quarter Moon Phase…..

  • The Moon is waning (decreasing in light), and 50% to 25% illuminated.  
  • This phase usually begins the 7th day after Full Moon, and continues until the 10th or 11th.
  •  It will be about 7.5 days until New Moon (from the beginning of this phase).  
  • This is the 6th in the 8 phases of the Lunar month.
  • This phase is the first half of the 3rd Quarter (when the cycle is divided into 4 quarters rather than 8 phases).  
  • The Last Quarter Moon rises around midnight, and sets mid-day. 
  • Also known as Last Quarter, Waning Last Quarter, or Third Quarter 



Insight for the Last Quarter Moon

Now is the time to let go, release, and forgive anything and everyone that you may feel has hurt you in anyway.  It is a time of emptying self and allowing the universe to take over or whomever you trust in your faith.  It is out of your hands and no more action is needed from you.